DIY Cutest Yarn Ornaments

Today is shaping up to be a pretty decent day and it’s only 9am – I hope it stays this good.  The patterns for my gowns have been completed and they are on their little ol’ way to me and I am SO EXCITED.  And after a marathon hair appointment yesterday, I walked out of the salon with genuine Audrey Hepburn bangs.  I could not be happier.  Favorite haircut EVER.  And despite all of the aches and pains from my morning workout two days ago, I’m ready to run around town and pick out fabric for my next major sewing project – New Year’s Eve party dress.  Oh yes.

Aside from all of that though, I’m excited to show you these adorable yarn ornaments.  Ohmigod so cute.

acorn orange yarn felt diy ornament

orange fruit yarn felt ornament

They look like little oranges or acorns, don’t they?  My goodness, I really love them.  They’re really simple to make and would be a great, inexpensive way to decorate gifts.  Or make a whole set and give that as the gift!  Right after you make a bunch for yourself, of course.  Here’s how:

Styrofoam balls – I used 3″
Yarn – you don’t need much, 1 skein will make a couple dozen, I imagine
Felt scraps
Corsage pins
Straight dressmaking pins

Begin by pinning one end of the yarn into the foam ball with a straight dressmaking pin.  Wrap the ball in one direction with the yarn, trying not to overlap too much so that you cover as much foam as possible without too much bulk from the yarn (use your fingers to help spread the yarn throughout the wrapping steps).  Then turn the ball and begin wrapping in the opposite direction, as shown.

yarn felt fruit acorn ornament step 1

Turn the ball again and wrap on the diagonal, then wrap in the opposite diagonal.  Fill in any bare sections.  To finish, turn the ball so that you’re wrapping against the grain – that will give you the cute section around the middle – cut the yarn and tuck in the end, securing with a straight pin.

yarn felt fruit orange acorn ornament step 2 and 3

To create a hanging loop, cut a small length of yarn and tuck both ends into the yarn at the top of the ball.  Attach with straight pins. Don’t worry too much about the strength of the loop – the next step will help keep it secure.  The leaves are really simple to make – just cut marquis diamond shapes (how’s that for a reference? I have no idea what else to call it) from the felt and pin them to the top of the ornament with corsage pins.  Use as many as you like and play around with different sizes.  The more relaxed you are with it, the better it will look.

yarn felt fruit acorn orange ornament step 4 and 5

Pretty easy, right?  And so sweet – just about as cute as it gets.

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4 responses to “DIY Cutest Yarn Ornaments

  1. I just made like 7 of these to hang on stockings! So cute and so easy. I did thm a little differently based on the goodies I had on hand, but they are SO CUTE! I did a fuzzy gray one with black leaves for The Candyman it looks pretty darn cute.

  2. beginninginthemiddleblog

    super cute!

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  4. I’ve gobs and gobs of rescued unused yarn…what a great idea! I’m going to try them out on some kiddos I work with in my after-school program…this should keep em busy.

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