Fun With Goose Biots

What the hell are goose biots?  They’re really unattractive feathers!  And I happened to buy two bags full of them by accident, so now I’m trying to figure out what on Earth to do with them.  And this is what I’ve come up with – fanned out bunches or whatever.  What would you call this?

goose biot fan bunch pick

I call it awesome, ’cause I’m sort of crazy about it.  It’s weird, but also kinda organic looking and just . . . I dunno, I just like it.  And I’ve come up with all sorts of things to do with it.  Seriously.  You will be amazed and maybe start to get really tired of reading about it, because for real – I’ve got lots of ideas.  First things first, I’m going to show you how to make this little guy and then you can start making crazy stuff with it too.

Goose biots are commonly used for fly fishing and are readily available – just google “goose biots”.  This is what they look like when they arrive:

goose biots

They are seriously lame.  They’re all stiff and crunchy and just not very pretty at all.  Until you bend them, and then they look like this:

goose biots curled

Pretty.  And now here’s how you make a whole bunch of that right there . . .

6 x Goose biots


Begin by holding all six feathers at the base and wrap them with the wire a few times to secure.

goose biots bunch

Then one by one, bend each feather over until the tip of the feather meets the base and wrap with wire.  Do this with each feather.

goose biots feather bunch fan

Wow, that was easy!  That’s seriously it.  I mean, not that it looks like a complicated project or whatever, but that’s just the beginning, my friends.  We are going to make so many awesome things with these.  Prepare to have your mind blown!  Or something.  It’s really not that exciting.

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