Fringe Fabric Garland

I did it!  I finally found a moment to make the fabric garland featured in the Ruffled DIY contest.  I love it.  I made it to hang in the front windows of our apartment and it’s looking awfully festive in here.  Too bad the pictures don’t look very festive – it’s pretty gloomy outside today:

fringe fabric garland wedding holiday decor

The pictures do not do this any justice at all – it looks like Dullsville.  But trust me, in person it’s rad.  I love a lot of things about this project: a) It’s fast.  The entire project took me around an hour and that’s only because my sewing machine was being an a$$hole.  b) It’s cheap.  I used white muslin and white grossgrain ribbon and the final cost was $6.50.  c) It’s entirely reusable and really easy to store.  I can pull this puppy out for any occasion – instant celebration.  d) It’s cute. ‘Nuff said.

fringe fabric muslin garland wedding holiday decor

The instructions can be found here.  I made a couple of changes for my garland – instead of making separate 6′ strands, I made one continuous 18′ garland.  To do that, simply cut a 2″ piece of ribbon and insert it where the 6′ pieces of muslin meet – then sew right over it as you do the entire length.  I also used longer pieces of ribbon at the ends so I’d have floppier bows.

fringe fabric garland ribbon bows wedding holiday decor

By the way, you can also buy ready-made garland from the designer here along with lots of other cute party ideas.  I normally don’t decorate for the holidays this early, but that garland is so dang adorable that it has totally gotten me into the spirit.  Stay tuned for more DIY decorations!

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  1. Jenny @ Hank Hunt

    Yay!!!! I’m so happy the instructions worked! I’m even more excited that you made it and love it!!!
    Thank you!!

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