Moss and Milk Glass Centerpieces

The lily altar is SOLD!  Woo hoo!  Or boo hoo if you were thinking of buying it.   It’s going to a sweet bride in PA, who had to drop it from her own DIY to-do list to make room for other projects.  I’m excited for her.  And hopefully she’ll let me show it off to all of you when she sends me her wedding photos. *hint hint*

Oh and I’ve only got three days until I’m entirely self-employed.  Holy cow, that’s crazy!  To celebrate, we’re having a few people over for a proper dinner party and I’m busy putting together the menu and of course designing my “tablescape”.  Haha – I never get tired of that ridiculous word.  Anyway, I decided to make those cutie-pie moss centerpieces by Christina Moreno that I blogged about recently.  They’re just so dang adorable and perfect for an autumnal dinner.  Plus, I made them a week in advance, which will help me from being completely insane as I run around the kitchen getting ready.  Pretty awesome, right?

moss milk glass centerpiece

There is no doubt that Christina’s centerpieces are way fancier than my own – my moss just isn’t as nice (thanks for the sh*tty moss selection, JOANN), but I can also dig my more rustic version.  I think they’re going to look pretty fantastic with scattered candles and maybe a few orangey flowers thrown into the mix.  I will of course show you the final table design next week.  Oh and by the way, that chick makes lots of other cool things with moss and stuff and sells it all in her Etsy shop.  You know, just in case your Joann sells lame moss too.

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