How Much is that Lily Altar in the Window?

Oh snap.  Is that what you think it is?  Mm hmm.  The lily altar is FOR SALE!  If you’ve been with me since my insane wedding planning days, you’ll remember what a process it was to assemble.  If you’ve tried to make one of our own, you’ll know how expensive the lilies are and what a pain they are to find.  So if you’re in love with this Martha Stewart design, and you’re dreaming of one for your very own wedding, then this is your lucky day!


I’ve listed it over on Ruffled where it was featured back in MayMemoriesClick here to see the listing and snatch it up, because they went pretty nuts for it over there, and I don’t know if it’s going to last very long.  I’m just sayin’.  I could be wrong.  But I don’t think so.  If you need a little something extra to pique your interest, here it is in action:

easter lily altar wedding ceremony

Go get it, my friends.  Get it out of your dreams and into your car.

[Bottom image: Innerlight Photography]

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One Response to How Much is that Lily Altar in the Window?

  1. Dancy

    And this is why you’re the mega-maven you are. After all the blood sweat & tears you poured into that thing… if it were me, you’d have to pry that thing outta my cold dead fingers. LOL Good luck! Hope you get top dollar! You deserve it.

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