Victorian Bathing Suits: The Finale

Dudes.  I have entered my second to last week as an employee at a worky-work office job.  Only seven work days left until I’m a free agent.  SEVEN DAYS.  They’re going really fast too, because I’ve been working like a full-on lunatic lately.  It’s a lot of work closing up one job and even more when, you know, you’re launching a business and junk.  Anyway, one of the things I’m most excited about doing away with is the commute.  I’ve lived in large cities since I left the old farm town at 18, and I’ve been commuting almost every day of my life since then.  Guess what?  I HATE COMMUTING.  I hate riding buses and trains and standing outside in the cold waiting for buses and trains.  I also hate people who take pictures of me while I’m doing those things.  What is UP with that??  Someone, please tell me, because it’s starting to freak me out.  The only people I know who do such things are doing it because the person looks freaky or is an a$$hole or something.  What have I done??  It happened to me again this morning and all I did was walk down the aisle to the back of the bus.  Oh and a note to those of you taking pictures on your phones – they make NOISES and I know when  you’re doing it!!!  Some girl was taking very obvious pictures up my nose one day on the train.  I even took out a compact and there was nothing out of place, so seriously, what’s up with that?  Maybe she was in the market for a new nose, but frankly, I can’t imagine anyone choosing mine if that were the case.  I’m seriously not that good-looking, so the entire thing is baffling and unsettling.  So I’ll be very pleased to stay home in our semi-warm apartment and be safe from . . . whatever it is those people are doing.

Rant: Over.  Wanna see how our Victorian bathing suits turned out?

victorian bathing suits halloween costumes

Of course someone thought I was a maid (oh by the way, maids typically don’t wear skirts shorter than their bloomers), but our costumes generally went over well.  If we ever reprise them, we’ve decided to go as drowned Victorian bathers.  Most people will probably think we died on the Titanic (cause I’m sure a lot of people changed into their bathing suits when the ship was going down).


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4 Responses to Victorian Bathing Suits: The Finale

  1. taryn

    Love love love them! So great!

  2. Joanna

    I love this blog, and congratulations on starting your new biz! Did you make the umbrella too? it looks kind of like your awesome doily lanterns!:)

    • vsheaffer

      You are so sweet, Joanna – thanks! Unfortunately I haven’t attempted umbrellas yet – this one was bought with cold, hard cash.

  3. Susan

    Love them! I totally don’t think you look like a maid! The hubs looks great too, love the mustache!

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