Stress, Projects, Unemployment and Bloomers

I feel like I’m disappearing into an abyss of STUFF.  I’m busy all of the time, and even though I’m checking away at the “to-do” list, there is still way more left to be done.  Sort of reminds me of this.  Although that was all so very concise with a clear deadline.  My list now has no definite deadline – it’s just a bunch of sh*t constantly flying all around me, and I’m steadily grabbing one thing at a time out of the air, trying to pin it down.  And then it’s replaced by a dozen more things to add to the list.  It’s perpetual.  It’s out of control.  It’s a flipping freak show, my friends.

This is the deal – first off, you know I’m working on my first collection of bridal gowns.  You know what I love most about that?  Designing and producing the gowns.  You know what I don’t love?  EVERYTHING ELSE.  Starting a business SUCKS.  I can’t even go into all of the reasons it sucks.  The whole registering your business thing could not be more confusing and frustrating.  I hate it.  Hot, fiery HATE.  And I need to get a new computer and all new programs and ohmigod I’m falling asleep as I write this.  It’s boring and tedious and I don’t feel like doing any of it.  I just want to make pretty gowns!   So *ahem* there’s all of that.  And then . . .

There’s this other project that I can’t tell you anything about.  I want to tell you about it!  And I want to share all of my work with you, because I know it’s what all of you brides are here for in the first place and I think the rest of you would think it was fun too, but ARGH.  I can’t.  Not yet.  Not for some time, in fact.  And unfortunately that deadline is quickly approaching, so I won’t be able to make any other fun things to show you, because I’ll be working on that all of the time.  And now . . .

I’m about to leave my day job.  Three more weeks and that’s IT.  There just are not enough hours in the day for me to do monkey work in an office AND try to run a big ol’ fancy business at the same time.  I’ll be doing plenty of my own monkey work, thank you very much.  And while it’s super exciting and I’m very lucky to have this opportunity, it’s also really scary.  And overwhelming.  And I’m going to be in our apartment every. single. day from now on.  It gets cold in there in the winter.

And so anyway, that’s what is going on right now and I tell you all of that because I know I’m going to be sooo boring.  Even though I’m crazy busy, I have nothing to show you.  I can’t show you the designs for the gowns, because I kinda gotta keep that under wraps until the samples are ready.  And I can’t show you anything from my other top secret project.  And I can’t show you spread sheets and stuff because . . . well that would just be weird.  And so all I have left is the pair of bloomers I made for my Halloween costume.

taffeta victorian bloomers

Hahaha!  Those are hilarious, right?  I mean, now of course Victorian ladies did not make their skivvies out of cheap taffeta, but holy cow, that’s quite a set of drawers.



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2 Responses to Stress, Projects, Unemployment and Bloomers

  1. Aw,but you know it will all be worth it.When I first stumbled on your blog,I was like,man,why doens’t she have a business making wedding dresses!?You’re going to be an awesome addition to the world of wedding dress designers,I know. :)
    I haven’t even seen that much from you,and you’re already one of my favorites.
    I’ll promote you in any way i can before and after the line comes out.

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