Victorian Bathing Suits – Part III

And yet ANOTHER post about my Halloween costume.  It’s a lot more interesting than the other projects awaiting me in my work room – like, an entire rack of clothes that need repairs, for instance.  That stuff . . . is not fun.  This, however, is awesome.  I’m having the time of my life, and I’m not really sure why.  Maybe I should give up on the bridal gowns and start making reproduction swimwear from the 1890s.  There’s a market for that, right?

Unfortunately, even though I was super excited to get to work on this last night, an impromptu dinner out and a couple of Dark and Stormies sort of distracted me.  And I was a bit too lazy to do anything but the collar.  But the collar looks super cute.  And then I messed around with the waistline, because the sash I made with the taffeta was INSANE.  I mean, I’m using the cheapest taffeta in the world – this IS just a Halloween costume, after all, let’s not get crazy – and it’s basically the equivalent of wearing copy paper.  So, I was experimenting with the same ribbon used in the dress as a belt instead.  I’ll either move forward with that or try making that sash in a more flexible fabric.  Here it is with the ribbon:

victorian bathing suit halloween costume

The more I look at that, the more I like it just as it is now.  With bloomers?  DUDE.  This is going to sound insane (trust me, I know this is crazy), but I almost think this would be a costume worth handing down to younger generations (be they our own children or nieces or something).  How awesome would it be to wear a Halloween costume your grandma made and wore when she was (sort of) young?  I think it’s a cute idea.


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2 Responses to Victorian Bathing Suits – Part III

  1. Kathrine

    Could you do the same striped look for the sash that you did for the collar? This would help reinforce the nautical look and ward off the french maid comments.

    I can’t wait to see the finished looks! You guys will steal the show!

  2. haha,I totally know what you mean by the mending versus making something new…the new almost always wins out!

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