Victorian Bathing Suits – Part II

Ohmigosh.  I started working on my Victorian bathing suit costume over the weekend.  It is insanely adorable.  I want to pinch its metaphorical cheeks.  LOOK at it:

making a victorian bathing suit costume dress and sleeves

There’s no doubt a bathing suit like that would make any woman feel youthful.  I feel like a five-year-old in this get-up.  Those sleeves?  Too. Freaking. CUTE.  So anyway, as you can see, I decided to make a dress instead of separates, and I also opted for taffeta instead of wool.  Taffeta was equally as popular as wool back in the day AND I got it for $1.50/yd at the fabric warehouse.  ‘Nuff said.  The dress is almost complete – it just needs a collar and buttons up the back.  I’m also making a matching sash to wear at the waistline.  Add a pair of bloomers and my costume is ready!

My one concern is that people will think I’m a maid.  *Rolling eyes*  I know it’s going to happen and it irritates me to no end.  I’m going to add an anchor patch to the center of the bodice, and I’ve got a white lace parasol that I’ll carry to sort of urge people in the right direction, but then they’ll probably think I’m dressed as a little kid.  Whatever.  Their loss, right?  This costume is genius, people.  GENIUS!

I strayed a little from my original plans of construction (if you’re following along, desperate to make your own Victorian bathing suit/maid/little kid costume).  I found I didn’t need the skirt pattern at all – I just lengthened and fanned out the bottom of the shirt pattern to the length I wanted.  So much easier.  I also decided to lose the sleeve cuffs and instead attach the hem to a shorter sleeve lining.  I’ll do the same on the bloomers to make them extra full.  I absolutely love how this is shaping up, and I can’t wait to get back to work tonight!


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2 Responses to Victorian Bathing Suits – Part II

  1. Susan

    I love it!! Can we see your husbands?

    • vsheaffer

      Sheesh! I just started! Haha Yes, I will definitely post his hilarious bathing suit – I have to finish this one first though. ;)

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