Pierrot Sweater Jacket – Eh

Mkay, so I sewed up the sweater jacket last night – woo hoo!  But I still have to take care of all of those extra strings – you can’t just cut them off, they have to be woven in.  So I’m not quite finished yet.  But it looks pretty darn cute on the dressform, right?

pierrot sweater jacket front

pierrot sweater jacket back

Here’s the thing though – I’m rather petite and um, this looks ridiculous on me.  ARGH!  I hate knitting!  I spent hours upon hours knitting this damn thing and only now do I know that I can’t wear it.  It’s just way too overwhelming on my frame.  The main problem is that the sleeves are soooo heavy that they drag down the shoulders.  So basically if I were to stand with my hands at my sides, the damn thing would probably just fall right off of me.  In fact, I had to pin the shoulders to the dressform because of the same problem.  Color me annoyed.  What the hell am I going to do now?  I’ll have to knit some sort of interior back strap for support.  *grumble, grumble, grumble*


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8 Responses to Pierrot Sweater Jacket – Eh

  1. Pamela

    It really does look pretty! I hope you can find some way to make it work :)

  2. Ah bummer!Well,it’s still very good for your first(?) sweater.You should be proud of yourself.Maybe it would shrink in the wash?If it doesn’t work,maybe you can sell it.

  3. Kelly

    Maybe you could reinforce the sleeve caps and shoulder seams with twill tape to keep them from sagging.

  4. Kathrine

    I feel your pain – so much work and it doesn’t fit the way you imagined. I’ve taken to making baby sweaters for that reason – at some point the baby will grow into it!

  5. Kathrine

    Another option, and it isn’t a pretty one, is to take off the sleeves and unravel them. (I told you it wouldn’t be pretty.) Re-knit them without the roll cuff. This would make them lighter and create less drag at the shoulder – you could even go for a 3/4 length sleeve.

    Undoing your knitting is heartbreaking, and reworking the sleeves is curse-inducing, but if you end with a wearable piece you’ve got a story to wear:)

  6. Anything other than scarves, that is.

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