Pierrot Sweater Jacket – The Body

Oh my gosh, didn’t I say I was intent on finishing this sweater?  I am going to be wearing it SOON, my friends.  Very soon.  The body is complete!

pierrot sweater jacket knitting body

It’s just pinned onto the dressform – the seams are sewn last – so it’s not hanging as it will when it’s complete.  And I have to make the collar and junk, but still – this is awesome.  I’m about 1/3 of the way finished with one of the sleeves too.  *high five*  Of course the sleeves are gigantic, so they will take even longer to knit than the back piece, but I’m getting so close!  AND we’re going away this weekend – we’re renting a house in Benton Harbor, MI with a bunch of friends – so I should have lots of time to knit both in the car and while lounging around and maybe even in the hot tub.  Just kidding.  Unless of course I find a way to make that work, in which case I will definitely be knitting in the hot tub.

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