Work Room from Hell

Wanna know what I did over the Labor Day weekend?  Lots of manual labor.  I’ll be spending a lot of time in my home office/work room in the near future and that requires some very major changes to our living space.  I’ve been obsessed with streamlining the entire place and making it more functional, and that’s really hard to do when you have a mad love affair with stuff.  For instance, it takes all of my strength to walk past a vintage lazy-susan chip-n-dip, and that’s why I have like a billion of them – a person only needs one chip-n-dip, but they’re so CUTE.  Anyway, I’m now working really hard to leave surfaces uncluttered and get the place organized.  And over the weekend, I tackled the work room.  Here’s the pit before:

crazy messy work room

i'm drowning in this mess

get me out of here
In all honesty, it does not usually look this awful.  Once I knew I was going to be reorganizing, I sort of let the space, um, go straight to Hell.  Oh and that wedding dress in the background is not one of mine.  So you know, if you hire me to make a dress, I’m not going to crumple it up in a ball and throw it on top of a pile of junk.  That dress is for research only and I bought it stained.  So, no worries.  Moving on, here is the transformation:

l-shape computer desk and sewing table

functional small office space

Hey look – I made a desk!  So much better, right?  Like infinitely better.  I moved the sleeper sofa to the other wall, meaning now I can just walk straight up to my desk without weaving around the room. Okay so for the desk, I mounted one 18″ x 6′ pine board to the wall using heavy duty L-brackets, and supported the other board with L-brackets on the wall at one end and PVC pipe legs at the other (I plan to sand the markings off of the legs, by the way – some day).  The whole thing is surprisingly sturdy.  And it obviously gives me WAY more workspace, which is just what I need.  Oh and I gave the boards a quick whitewash, which I personally LOVE.

white wash pine table top

And then I spent hours hanging these shelves which made me want to murder someone, because we have 100 year old plaster walls and apparently nobody needed to hang anything on their walls one hundred years ago.  I’m sort of waiting to see if they can hold the few things that are up there now before adding anything else to the load.  If they survive, I will be thrilled at all of the things I can organize and store up there.

small office space shelving

And that, my dear friends, is my new workspace.  I love it sooo much now.  Makes me want to sit down and make very important phone calls and create spreadsheets and junk.


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6 Responses to Work Room from Hell

  1. bellecoeurwedding

    Hey – sweet desk! But you don’t have to sand off the PVC markings. Open a window and wipe it off with some acetone and a rag, or heavy duty nail-polish remover. It comes right off, dries very quickly, and you don’t have to vacuum up after you’ve done it! Just remember to get some air moving in there – you can make yourself lightheaded, and not in a good way.

    Good luck!

  2. Stacey

    Can I have one of your chip and dips? :)

  3. mbride

    I love your blog! Your wedding was adorable! I already had it in my mind to use baby’s breath for my bridesmaids but wasn’t really considering it for my bouquet until I saw yours. It looked so lovely. Originally I wanted to use lily of the valley for my bouquet but it is way tooooo expensive.

    Also, your napkin guest card idea was also ingenious! And thanks for the advice about checking out the rental company. I hadn’t really considered that – I just assumed the items you’d get would be in good condition. Sounds like the event was great regardless!

    • vsheaffer

      Aw thanks for your sweet comment! I also REALLY wanted lily of the valley, but holy cow, it’s so expensive. I actually ordered peonies for my bouquet but they arrived the day before the wedding all wilted! The baby’s breath was a very last minute alternative and I loved it. Plus, it was about as inexpensive as it gets. Good luck with your planning!

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