August 30, 2010...5:32 pm

Dining Room Project: DONE

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Okay so I have apparently transferred my wedding planning obsession to an apartment planning obsession.  Keith was gone all summer and I was left to hold down the fort alone, and let me tell you, that place was not working.  I had completely ignored pretty much everything in that joint while planning the wedding, and now I see what a colossal dump formed around me.  Just for the record, all of my friends will read this and roll their eyes – the place LOOKS completely organized and clean – but let me tell you . . . it’s a sh*t storm behind the scenes.  Anyway, I started with the dining room a week ago and worked day and night, and now I can cross it of off my list – I’m totally loving it now.

It’s way more peaceful and calm – and although it doesn’t look like I reorganized anything, I did remove a good deal of extra stuff, which made the room much more useful and streamlined.  And I painted too!  This is the BEFORE.  And this is the way-better-I-love-this-so-much AFTER:

mid century side board painted white

I love how you can really SEE the details now.  I painted the side board in a high gloss ivory, but frankly it just looks white to me.  Which is fine, but at first everything seemed way off balance – the mirror frame was too much of a contrast.  So then I painted the frame too – no big deal, right?  Um yeah, somehow that project took three days to complete.  THREE DAYS!  First, I painted it in a pale pinky color, thinking that would pick up some of the pinks in the rug and artwork and junk.  But it just looked white too.  Why did I spend all of this money on paint?? Anyway, then I had one corner of the room completely off from the dark built-ins on the other wall.  Ugh.  So I painted the inside groove of the frame the same bright orange that is scattered throughout the artwork in the room.  WHOA.  It looked exactly like the contrast trim of my high school cheerleading uniform.  Very go-fight-win, if you will. So THEN I took my pale-pink (read WHITE) paint brush and went over the orange very lightly, which looked much calmer and sweet.  Bedtime.  In the morning, the frame looked like it belonged next to a little girl’s canopy bed, so I went back over the washed-out orange with another coat of pale-pink-white, but that was still not right!  ARGH!  I pulled out a can of black paint I had laying around and soooo lightly brushed that over the entire surface of the frame, making it a little less gleaming and sort of aged looking.  Okay . . . not bad.  At this point, I decided to just walk away and do something else, so I grabbed the blue wall paint to do some touchups and *lightbulb*.  Blue on the frame!  Oh yes.  That was awesome.  It was starting to look very mid-century.  And what does every mid-century frame need?  GOLD!  I did both the blue and gold very lightly and haphazardly and I ended up with this:

painted mirror frame blue white gold

aged painted mirror frame close up

That’s kind of cool right?  And that, my friends, is how you reproduce that look.  Good luck. *eyes rolling*  I can’t show you the rest of the room, because Keith just returned from his canoe trip and there’s like oars and junk all over the room. But I’ll show you the whole shebang tomorrow and then we’ll start to talk about the kitchen and my ultimate work room challenge.


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