An Adorable Farm Wedding

Okay before I begin this post, let me just say that I am not intentionally withholding pictures from my own wedding.  I’ve seen them, but I haven’t yet gotten my hands on them.  So stop nagging me and enjoy this wedding instead! xoxo Love you!

My bridesmaid Stacey got married over the weekend – woo hoo!!  I’ve mentioned Stacey here before – we’ve been  friends since like forever and she’s one of the sweetest girls on Earth.  That is not an exaggeration.  She is incredibly sweet and loyal and adorable and hilarious and an amazing mother.  I couldn’t WAIT to help her put together her dream farm wedding.  She did all of the planning and everything, I just showed up the day before to help set up – oh and I made the dresses for her daughters and the bouquets.  This wedding was a true DIY wedding down to its very core – Stacey’s dad and uncle roasted a pig, the mothers of the bride and groom made all of the side dishes and the groom and Stacey’s brother-in-law built the arbor for the ceremony.  It was incredible!

garden farm wedding ceremony corn

daisy wedding cakeJust look at that ceremony site!  Who wouldn’t want to get married there??  With the corn in the background?? Adorable.

Oh and check this out – Stacey’s friend Cassie made her cake! And it was so friggin’ CUTE.  It was delicious too.  It looked a lot better when it first arrived – it took me awhile to get around to taking pictures.

So as I mentioned above, I made the bouquets the day of the wedding.  I had never before done this using fresh flowers, and I am obviously nowhere near being a professional. I used a combination of mums and wildflowers and I cut some sedum from my parents’ garden as well (that’s the awesome green stuff).  This was a surprisingly difficult project – I seriously had no idea what I was up against.  It was super fun, but the entire time I kept thinking how happy I was to have not made fresh bouquets for my own wedding.  That would have been one serious freak show.  I thought these were pretty darn cute though, and it only cost $25 for three bouquets, one boutonniere and flowers for the mothers and grandmothers.

bouquet mums sedum wildflowers

mum sedum queen anns lace wildflower bouquet

More pictures from the day:

stacey and sean and family

farm wedding flower girl

stacey and sean's farm wedding

tuxedo tshirt groomsmen

sean and stacey getting married

It was such a sweet day and absolute proof that you can have the most amazing wedding on the smallest budget.  Love doesn’t cost a thing, and it was everywhere that day.  Congratulations to the new family!!  xoxo



6 Responses to An Adorable Farm Wedding

  1. Megan

    Awwww, love everything about it. Congrats, Stacey and Sean!!! :)

  2. Stacey

    Aaawwwww! We made the blog! Seannie will be thrilled!

    Do NOT downplay the role that you played! You were amazing. And I stole half of your ideas and all the stuff to go with it. I have the MOST incredible friends and family. And husband! Kris from over there at Gin and Twinkies even texted me the day of from soooo far away.

  3. Debbie Smith

    Veronica, This is awesome you really got some great pictures and the dresses and flowers were unbelievable ! Thanks for all you did to make Sean and Staceys wedding such a huge success, it was appreciated!

  4. Angie Benson

    It was so nice to see you. What a huge help you were. Your pictures are beautiful. Hope to see you soon.

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  6. Sally Campbell

    I remember! What a beautiful Wedding! I love the pictures!!!!

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