Where Am I??

Ohmigoodness.  I have been such a very bad blogger.  I am sincerely sorry about being so lazy, it’s just that, well . . . this is the deal:

Missing Milk Carton VSIt’s kind of hard coming down from the wedding high.  I was having the time of my life planning and crafting and sewing – I really was – it was so awesome.  But then the last days (and morning) leading up to the actual wedding were so exhausting that I think it traumatized me a little bit.  I mean, a girl should be able to STAND the day of her wedding. Note: I was fine once things got going – girlfriend did not think one second about her feet when it was time to walk down the aisle. And then the other thing is that Keith has been out of town for a couple of weeks dealing with some family stuff.  He was literally home for two days after our honeymoon before he left and not having him around just screws up my schedule.  It’s really hard for me to sleep when he’s not home, so I stay up way too late and then I’m super sleepy in the morning and then frankly I don’t feel like writing a blog entry before heading to work.  I went out to visit Keith for his birthday over the weekend, by the way, so I’m not complaining or anything – just explaining what’s going on with me.  And in addition to all of that . . .

I’m working on the most giant project of my entire life.  Could it possibly get any bigger than our wedding?  Um yes. Because at no point were we risking all of our financial security for it – that puppy was paid for in cash.  This, on the other hand, will definitely change the course of our lives – hopefully for the better – and I am determined to make it happen.  Ladies and gents, I am in the process of designing my first wedding gown collection.  Aw yeah. *high five*  And you know, that’s kind of a lot of work.  But it’s awesome, and I’m excited.   I will also be handcrafting accessories – veils, boleros and cool stuff like that – I’ll keep you all updated as items are posted in my shop.  So ANYWAY . . .

I’m not intentionally neglecting you or anything – I just don’t have all that much to talk about at the moment.  And I’m tired from not getting to bed at a normal time and you know whatever.  Excuses, excuses.  If you’re willing to hang around and wait for me, I think I’ll have some cool stuff to show in the sort of near future.  It takes a little while longer to make a wedding dress than to, you know, make some doily menus or whatever.



5 Responses to Where Am I??

  1. Elaine

    Best of luck with your wedding collection! I’m sure it will be gorgeous.

  2. That is awesome! What a huge leap! Fantastic stuff. I did the same after our wedding in May. I so enjoyed every minute of our planning and the previous planning that I had done for other people that I have started my own event management company. I have also taken my hobby of photography a little more seriously. Some days I wonder if I am doing the right thing but it is just the pressure of it all, coupled with my full-time job. Deep down I know I am on the right path. Congrats on your decision & best of luck! You have so much talent…I look forward to seeing more :) .

  3. Way to go, Veronica! How exciting?! You’re so talented…and it’s great to see you leverage your skills and creativity. So many people don’t. Can’t wait to see where this goes for you!

  4. I cannot wait to see them! Hopefully I may be lucky enough to purchase one!

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