Behind the Scenes: A DIY Wedding

0 days . . . It’s 1:38 the morning of my wedding.  My dad finally forced me to go up to bed – thank goodness he did, because I can barely walk, my feet are so sore.  My parents and my brothers are still downstairs setting up.  Preparing a wedding is hard.  Preparing a wedding with a truly insane amount of diy stuff is excruciating.  We are all painfully exhausted.  I haven’t seen Keith for almost seven hours and I won’t see him again until we meet at the altar in 15 hours.  Weird.  I’m so humbled by my awesome family.  It’s so sweet to see your brothers take care of you.  And my poor parents are working their butts off.  We haven’t had any major setbacks aside from my bouquet issues.  The peonies I ordered for my bouquet arrived a day late and pretty much dead.  I ran to the florist in town and ordered a pretty kick-ass alternative.  And it was only $25 – hell yes.  Anyway, things are moving pretty smoothly, there’s just SO MUCH STUFF.  I will say this though: The place . . . is gorgeous.  I wish I could show you now, but I definitely do not have the energy to walk back down the stairs and up again to take photos.  But trust me, it’s just crazy adorable.  I’m excited for people to see everything, but honestly I’m more excited to go to breakfast with my family and eat 10 pounds of food and relax for just a second.  Just the thought of it makes me giddy.  Relaxing – I can’t wait.  And I can’t wait to see Keith.  Goodness – next post I write will be as a married woman.



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5 Responses to Behind the Scenes: A DIY Wedding

  1. Don’t eat 10 pounds of food! You’ll bloat for God’s sake. Eat protein and watch the salt. But do eat enough.

    That out of the way:

    I am sp happy to have found your blog and to have read through your amazing journey to the aisle. Your creativity and your committment are an inspiration to all of us.

    I cannot wait to see the end results. I am sure the beauty will bowl me over!

    Most importantly, congratualtions on your committment to another human soul. It’s a big deal. I hope that all that you have accomplished and gone through in this planning period is a beautiful start to a beautiful life!

    Good luck! Happy Wedding! Happy Marriage!

    P.S. You KNOW I want you as an UNfake Bride submission.
    P.P.S. I met with one of my licensed artists this week at the Dallas trade show. She is a crazy DIY chick, but VERY anti-cell phone/computer – technically stunted. She does read my blog though. And totally voted for you to win the 10K AND told all her friends to vote too. She loves your shit, man.

  2. Sarah

    Congratulations!!! I am so, so thrilled for you and Keith. Happy wedding day!

    I’m so glad I found your blog … to say you’ve been inspiring is an understatement. The details you’ve created, and your passion for everything you’ve touched are incredible.

    I cannot wait to see how it’s all come together. I’m sure it’s just gorgeous.

    Congratulations again!!


  3. I hope your day was everything you pictured! Can’t wait to see pictures. You are one truly talented lady.

  4. Elaine

    CONGRATULATIONS !! What an inspiration you’ve been to diy brides please take a well deserved break and cherish these moments. We look forward to seeing your pics.

  5. Happy wedding day! I hope this was everything you dreamed of…

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