Another Rope Belt

11 days . . . It is ASTOUNDING how many tiny little details my one tiny brain is trying to keep straight.  I’m thinking of strapping a notepad and pen around my waist so I can jot things down at any given moment.  I definitely need to keep something on the nightstand, because last night I tossed and turned for a couple of hours falling asleep and surprise! did the same thing this morning.  Get out of my head!  What amazes me is I have been uber-organized and have tried to save nothing for the last-minute, and yet there are a million last-minute things.  I mean, I could probably just stop and drink cocktails for the next 10 days and everything would be fine, but . . . I would go crazy anyway, so I may as well just get the stuff done.  Anyway, I know how much you love it when I prattle on and complain, but I’ve got a cute belt to show off!

rope belt made with decorator rope veronica sheaffer

Jasmine Bridesmaid B1080These belts are so fun to make – I can’t get enough!   I made this one for my bridesmaid Heather to wear in the wedding, because her dress didn’t quite match the others.  She wasn’t crazy about any of the Bari Jay gowns, but she did find this awesome white chiffon number by Jasmine Bridal.  Another reason why white bridesmaid dresses are awesome – regardless of the designer, they all match!  The other dresses have light grey accents (to coordinate with Taryn’s Maid of Honor dress), so we needed a little extra something to bring Heather’s into the mix.  I thought a rope belt would be pretty darn awesome and also something she could wear again and again.  And the rope was like $2/yd, so . . . it was an extremely economical choice.  And a cute one too.

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