That’s a Romper, Alright

It’s finally done.  That was way more of an ordeal than was necessary – I swear my eyes get tired just looking at that thing.  I can only assume every step of this project was one disaster after another because I tried making it under a sickness-induced head fog, but it could be that I’m just tired of all of the projects in general and wasn’t focused.  Who knows.  I’m starting to wonder if I’m a Project Addict, because all I can think about now is a maxi dress I’d like to make for the honeymoon.  What is wrong with me??  Keith made me feel a little better by pointing out that  it will be more fun to buy clothes in Lisbon than making/buying stuff here.  I’m marrying a genius.  And on the upside, I do have a new romper to wear, and it’s got pockets and stuff.

sleeveless romper veronica sheaffer

Look, it’s a rope belt!  So yeah, that’s my romper.  It’s not life-changing or anything, but it’ll be good on really hot days (after I press the bottom hems – what the hell is going on there?  Apparently I was half-blind when I did that last night).

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2 Responses to That’s a Romper, Alright

  1. Solange

    hey, how are you?
    I’m a bride (it’s still a secret, nobody knows it except for my fiance, me and our dog) from Lisbon, Portugal, and I literally ran into (and fell for) your blog tonight (it’s almost 3 a.m. in Portugal).
    I’m flabbergasted with all your work.

    I’ve been researching everywhere for ideas for a month now (he popped the question on April 29th), and unfortunately the best ones are from the US and UK… which means it’s very hard to be original in this country – in terms of location, food, clothing, etc. even more if you’re on a veeery tight budget…

    we’re also betting on DIY in everything we can.

    since it’s still a secret, I’m researching all by myself. my fiance is helping me, but he can’t see the dress, right? (which is a biiig issue, I can’t find anything I like here, with the vintage feel and CHEAP, and I’m still on sewing machine 101 – ok, hems, basically).

    right when I was about to cry of despair, I run into you…

    I just had to tell you I am so inspired (almost to tears) with every little thing you show in your blog.

    and… on top of that: I read you’re coming here… what a coincidence…
    after this amazing inspiration you brought me, I can only say: if you need anything during your stay, don’t hesitate on contacting me :)
    best wishes

  2. I would love a tutorial on how to make the rope belt. That romper is fantastic!

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