April 28, 2010...3:03 pm

Stamped Napkin Place Cards

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So you know when you imagine something in your head but it doesn’t quite work out in execution?  This is not one of those projects.  This is EVEN BETTER THAN I EVER IMAGINED.  Sorry, but seriously, I love these.  I don’t know what it is but I’m head-over-heels crazy for my stamped napkin place cards.

stamped napkin place cards place setting

That. Is. CUTE.  I love you so much, Stamped Napkins.

stamped napkin place cards

Our reception dinner will be served family-style so space will be limited on the tables.  I didn’t want to add to the clutter with separate place cards, and honestly, I didn’t feel like making another complicated project.  This is pretty much as easy as it gets while still being hand-made and sweet.

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