April 21, 2010...5:27 pm

Mother of the Bride 1950s Style Dress

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Okay, first things first . . . I did not make this dress.  My mom had it made for her by a local seamstress, and I did a fair amount of alterations.  Mom and I went back and forth about the fabric for months and I think we totally nailed it.  She wanted something with a 50s silhouette – a garden party dress – and we both agreed that lace was the perfect 50s mother of the bride fabric.  So cute!

1950s mother of the bride lace dress

I wouldn’t usually post this, since I didn’t do the majority of the work, but I want to stress that a vintage silhouette is very different from a modern one.  I altered this dress and bolero to give them a more flattering, structured, fifties shape which is essential to the overall look.  Otherwise, frankly, it just looks wrong – too big or sloppy or something.

I’m a big advocate of foundation garments – if you’re going for a 1950s look, you need a tiny waist and a full skirt.  Girdles and crinolines, ladies!  I think the key to wearing vintage styles is to take the silhouette seriously (this includes shoes) – don’t shy away from it.  That style is awesome for a reason.  It works.

By the way, this dress was made with the Vintage Vogue pattern 2902, which I want to murder.  It was far more complicated than it needed to be and I just about stabbed my eyes out doing the alterations.  I can’t image what the poor seamstress before me went through.  Oh and to top it all off, I sewed my last stitch and began pulling up the zipper which then BROKE IN HALF to my absolute horror.  So I had the *pleasure* of tearing apart my work and doing it again.  Which only made me hate you more, Vintage Vogue pattern number 2902. You’re lucky my mom is gonna look insanely awesome in this dress.

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