1930s Style Bridal Headband – Take 2

I tore apart the 1920s style headband I made for my veil and completely restyled it this weekend.  I really loved it and everything, but it wasn’t exactly right for my gown – especially since I added the super ruffly bolero.  I decided to add even more ruffles, a couple little bows, and now . . . oh now it’s magnificent.  NOW it’s perfect.

1920s 1930s lace ruffled bridal wedding headband

1920s 1930s lace ruffled bridal headband

Well it will be perfect after I’ve added a few more tiny floral buds above that bow there, but anyway, the design is perfect for my dress – more 30s, I think.  Speaking of those little floral buds . . .  my greatest discovery ever . . .

I really wanted antique wax blossoms for my veil, but couldn’t spend hundreds of dollars on them.  I had completely given up on the idea when I spotted these pearly floral sprays at Joann.  I started tearing them apart this weekend and unveiled the perfect modern version of wax blossom buds. Behold:

pearl floral spray

If you’re looking for wax blossoms for your veil and would rather spend $2 instead of $300, then run to Joann now.  I searched the internet high and low and could not find these anywhere else, and apparently they’re a one-time seasonal item at Joann.  They come in all sorts of pastels as well, so you may have to dig.  Just unwrap the floral tape for these perfect pearl buds.  What luck!


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4 Responses to 1930s Style Bridal Headband – Take 2

  1. OH MY… I’M IN LOVE!!!! congrats on a BEAUTIFUL creation!!!!

  2. vsheaffer

    The ultimate compliment coming from you – the headband GENIUS. Thanks, cutie!

  3. awwwww… you are too sweet. YOU are a diy GENIUS! just saw your wedding dress pics. OMG. to die for. you are so gifted/talented. you are an inspiration!

  4. Becky

    I mean, I really really love this. Could I comission one through etsy to be here before my wedding Oct 8th?

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