Low Back Charmeuse Slip

Hey, did you know that low-back slips are almost impossible to find?  WHY?  That’s so weird to me.  I found one slip, ONE, that would work with my wedding gown and it was $485.  Um, I can’t go for that.

But I really needed one for my gown for a few rather intimate reasons (involving frilly underpants and under boob sweat), and so I finally decided it was time to make one.  I had some charmeuse left over from my fancy robe and whipped together this basic slip.

low back slip

It’s not exactly my idea of fancy lingerie, but with the low back, lowered neckline and super skinny straps, this is the perfect slip for my wedding gown.  Oh and I saved $475, cause it only cost me $10.  I used McCall’s 5248 pattern for the basic shape and made adjustments, if you’re interested in making one for yourself.

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**Update: VOTING HAS CLOSED – Thanks for your votes!**

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