Holy Cow I Made a Chandelier

I spent a lot of time up on a ladder Saturday night (post-cocktails and home alone, but too determined to think better of it), and the chandelier for our wedding tent is now near-complete!

I’d like the tent to have a sort of Regency feel to it (Jane Austen, not Hollywood).  To me, that means hand-crafted details made with natural materials, but still really decadent.  I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s what this chandelier is to me.  To make it, I strung lights from a grapevine wreath, covered everything in moss and hung doily lanterns from the lights at different levels.  Then I added crystals, ’cause every fancy chandelier needs crystals.  Duh.

I still have another bag of Spanish moss and I’d like to add that to the tops of the lanterns – giving it a sort of overgrown look.

All-in-all I’m happy with it and I think it’s going to look awesome in our tent.  Unfortunately it’s impossible to store, so it’s now hanging in our living room, where it looks hideous next to our mid-century furniture.   *shrug*  Oh well – only close friends in our apartment for the next three months, I guess.

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