DIY Doily Globes

starched doily globes with tassles

Globe lanterns made of doilies!  I plan to hang these from a moss-covered grapevine wreath as a chandelier for our wedding tent.  For six globes I ordered a dozen battenburg doilies on ebay, sugar-starched each one and let them dry draped over mixing bowls.  It’s amazing how sturdy these girls are once they’ve dried.  Two starched doilies makes up one doily globe – simply sew them together in the middle with a running stitch.  My doilies had a  scalloped edge, so I wove velvet ribbon through the gaps.  That’s it!

Definitely more time-consuming than difficult.  I added tassels made from embroidery floss for a little extra flair and cut circles at the top to insert the lights.  I think they’re pretty darn adorable.  I will definitely keep you updated on the chandelier progress – stay tuned!

If ever you would like more information or instructions for a project I have created, please let me know in the comments.  I will be happy to write an extended post with more details.  Thanks!

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3 responses to “DIY Doily Globes

  1. jessa

    Hey V! I love these! How perfect for your wedding. I’m so happy you’re posting all this stuff as you keep moving with the wedding planning/creating :) Thanks for sharing! So looking forward to the big day in just a little over 4 months! Smooches

  2. I love this idea. Hmm for the non-sewing machine gal, are these ok if I do the running stitch by hand? Also, what is sugar starching? I assume this place after you stitched the 2 doilies together?

    • Veronica

      Oh I did the stitching by hand too – super easy! And sugar starching is also super easy – you add about 1 part water to 3 parts sugar, mixing over low heat until sugar dissolves. Remove from heat. Then you dip the doilies in, wetting completely, and stretch them over upside-down bowls (you may have to do this one at a time unless you have matching bowls) until they dry. The doily should keep the round shape once completely dry. Then you sew them together. Voila!

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