Easter Lily Altar Backdrop . . .

Martha, Martha, Martha, you have stolen my heart.  Who wouldn’t want this??  Stunning.

lily altar

The most awesome backdrop for our ceremony – the perfect combination of 1930′s glamour and handmade beauty.  It freaks me out, I love it so much.  As much as I would love to use fresh lilies (it must smell so insanely good), there are a few things standing between me and a fresh wall of flowers.

  1. Can’t afford 200 Easter Lilies – I mean, seriously, that’s expensive!
  2. Easter Lilies aren’t even available in late June
  3. My goodness my allergies would be insane!

So I decided to order a giant case of artificial Easter Lily bushes and I’m in the process of stripping all of the flowers and leaves from the stems.  Well worth the sore hands – this thing is going to be amazing!  Will let you know how it goes . . .

[Image from Martha Stewart Weddings]

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